Meet Your Party Host


Hey everyone! My name is Nancy. I've lived all around the world, but Vegas is by far my favorite. I love Hennessy so much that my puppy's name is Henny. Life is literally a party for me right now and I'm absolutely loving it! I live for the nights I won't remember, with the people I'll never forget. Come party and enjoy Sin City with me! xo


Hi, friends! My name's Courtnee! I'm a full-time student and a part-time party girl! Texas born and raised but I got that Vegas fever!!! On my tour you're going to feel like you're in college all over again so be ready to get turnt!


Marissa here! Originally from California's very own Bay Area, where we like to get hyphy. Rum is my party starter, extra mint in my mojito please! Party with me and you're bound to have a hella good time.


Straight from the East Coast bringing the party vibez right to Las Vegas! Salt, lime, and Patron is all I need to get the party started. Twerking is my forte! 🍑Having a blast with friends and meeting new people is what I live for. Request me as your host and I’ll guarantee you the time of your life! 🎉🔥💯


Hey party people! My name is Rachel. I'm new to Vegas but not new to the party! Originally from Cincinnati but a college girl from Kentucky! Tequila, bourbon, vodka. I'm a fan of it all, just depending on what kind of night we're trying to have!! Come party with me in Sin City.


Jameson & ginger. Jack & coke. GO CATS! 💙