What is the age requirement?

All guest must be at least 21yrs of age with a valid government issued I.D or passport. Guest traveling from out of the country, we recommend bringing your passport.

I’m from a different country but have my government I.D, can I just bring that or do i need to bring my passport?

Bring your passport as most clubs have different practices for validating I.D’s.  Your government I.D may work at the first club, but it’s possible that the second club might reject it. By bringing your valid passport you eliminate the odds of being turned away at the door.

I have a U.S Driver License, but it’s expired. I have a new one on the way and a temporary paper I.D issued from the DMV with me, will this be sufficient?

Unfortunately, unless you have a hard copy of your expired driver’s license to pair with your temporary I.D, you will not receive an entry into the club as paper I.Ds, even from the DMV, will be rejected at the door. If you have a valid passport, we advise to bring that instead.

What deals do you offer for large groups?

Depends on how large the group! We offer private tour packages for very large groups of up 30 people that start at $949.  For groups of +4 interested in the regular tour, call us at 702.843.0525 for a quote on a discounted group rate!

What is your refund policy?

We have an all sales are final policy. Credited tours may be granted on a case by case basis. Lost ID’s, missing the tour due to being late, aborting the tour because you got into a fight with club security or same day cancellations are not eligible reasons for a refund or credited tour. For more info please read our Terms & Conditions.

What is your cancellation policy?

Changes must be made within 72 hours of the “Tour Date” and will incur a $25.00  fee per person. Cancellations made 72 hours before the “Tour Date” and will incur a $25.00  fee per person. Cancellations made 72 hours within the “Tour Date” will result in 100% forfeiture. For more info please read our Terms & Conditions.

What days are you open?

Nightclub Tours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday (all year)
Winter Dayclub Tours: Saturdays (seasonal)
Pool Party Dayclub Tours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (seasonal)

Office Hours:
Mon – Thurs 9 AM – 7 PM PST
Fri – Sat 9 AM – 7 PM PST
Sun- 9 AM – 5 PM PST


Do we get picked up or dropped off?

No. We do not offer a hotel pick-up or drop-off service with the standard tours, only private tours have this option. Guest will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the beginning and ending location.  For private tour options, click here.  

Then how does the tour work?

The tour kicks off at a bar/lounge within the hotel casino of where the first club is located, you’ll be instructed to meet your hostess within a 30-45  minute window of time. After checking in with your host and receiving brief instructions for the tour,  before each club entry, your hostess will communicate the group meet up time and location to meet her to catch the party bus ride to the next stop. The tour features a total of 2 party bus rides in between stops and 3 club venues. On the party bus, we provide all cups, ice, and 4 mixers for your cocktail needs. Your hostess will be on board to entertain and bar back drinks, though she may not pour alcohol, you do have the privilege of pouring yourself! We do stress to please drink responsibility. At the very last club, once your hostess guides you inside, that will conclude the end of your tour. There will not be another party bus ride to take the group to where we first started, so you will have to find your own way back. We highly recommend transportation services like Lyft & Uber in the Vegas area to get you safely home without paying expensive taxi cab fares.

How many people are typically on a tour?

During peak summer season, we average 25-30 people a day/night on each tour, with typically an even ratio of both men and women. During the winter season, groups are no less than 15 to a bus. Unless a group partied too hard the day or night before and cancels on us (that’s always a bummer) expect to have a fun, friendly, intimate party experience with your hostess and everyone else in your group from large groups to solo riders celebrating bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, their first time in Vegas or just locals looking for a fun night out!

Do we bring our own bottle to the check in or can we buy it during the tour?

Yes, please have your liquor with you at the time of check-in. If you need to buy any on-site, please arrive early so that you have an opportunity to purchase your liquor bottle/beer at the nearby liquor store. Please make sure that you bring your liquor/beer/wine in a bag so that It’s easy to tell what is yours when it is time to put it away.

Which mixers are provided on the tour?

Cranberry Juice, Lemonade, Ginger Ale and Coke. We also supply cups and ice.

Can we bring our bottles into the clubs?

Negative.  During the check-in, you will check your bottles in with the tour assistant before you enter the first club. The assistant will bring your bottles over to the party bus.  After the club, your hostess will lead the group to the party bus where your bottles will be waiting for you. After the ride is over, be sure to pour yourself a refill as you can finish your drink during the walk over before going inside the next club. If at the end of the tour you have any unfinished liquor, you take it off the bus and do what you will with it, but keep in mind that you can’t bring it inside the last venue. So try to finish as you as much as you need to have a good time before the tour is up!

What happens to our bottles when it’s time to get off the bus? 

Your hostess will give you instructions before getting off the bus on where to place your liquor. The tour assistant is responsible for storing your items and making sure that they are secured in the storage compartment of the bus so that it’s kept safe in between rides.

Do we pay cover at the clubs or wait in lines?

Your cover charge at the clubs is free through the tour. As per line waits, you receive expedited entry. Most guest list lines/ticket sale lines have a wait time of +60 minutes or more. On average our groups wait 10-15 minutes to get into each club. This is mostly due to having all 30-40 of our people clear the I.D checkpoint and security bag check before going inside.

What clubs will we be going to?

Lineups vary each week. We choose clubs based off of club availability & club requests from reservations! If you have any club requests from our list of venues, please mention it in your reservation and we will do our best to take you there! As soon as you purchase tickets, you will receive a registration confirmation and an email 72 hrs before the tour with your club schedule, a photo of your hostess and tour guidelines. 

Are there any drink specials or table seating inside the clubs?

There are no drink specials inside the clubs. Seating is not available inside the venues. Tables/cabanas/bottle service in Las Vegas starts from $600 to +$4,000 depending on the venue. For pricing please contact the office to put you in touch with a VIP Host for specials at the club you are interested in.

Is host gratuity included in the tour?

No, but we highly encourage guests to return the great vibes and tip their hostess at any time, whether it’s before, during or after the tour if they felt the host provided an exceptional experience. All of our girls work hard for tips, the average tip $20 per person.

Learn more about Tipping in Las Vegas 

Are there any rules that we should know about beforehand? 

You betcha! We do try to keep the rules of the tour sassy, short & sweet just so there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page during the tour. Please visit our Turnt Up Tours Party Guidelines  that will cover everything you need to know before you show up!

How long is the tour?

Depending on the tour schedule, the duration of the tour is between 4.50 – 5 hrs from the point of check-In to the arrival at the last stop. Time at each point:

Check in Time: 45 Minutes*
1st venue: 50 min – 1 hour*
1st Party Bus Ride: 15-20  Minutes* 
2nd venue: 50 min – 1 hour*
2nd Party Bus Ride: 15-20  Minutes* 
3rd venue: Guest may stay however long they wish up until closing.
*Times are approximate

Once escorted into the last venue, the tour is over.
Check out the itineraries to view this weekend’s schedule.

What time does the Nightclub tour start & end?

Nightclub tours may begin as early as 9:15 PM and end as late as 2:20 AM. Time schedules vary each weekend.  The Night tours will always begin and end on the Las Vegas Strip. The tour is over after your party host escorts you into the last nightclub.  More info: Provided you find your own transportation, receive a ‘reentry’ stamp from the exit door security at the 1st and 2nd club on the lineup if you wish to return after the tour.

What time does the Dayclub Pool Party tour start & end?

Dayclub tours may begin as early as 11:00 AM and end as late as 3:30 PM. Time schedules vary each weekend.  The Dayclub locations may be located both on & off the strip. The tour is over after your party host escorts you into the last Dayclub. More info: Provided you find your own transportation, receive a ‘reentry’ stamp from the 1st and 2nd club on the lineup if you wish to return after the tour.


What is the dress code for Nightclubs?

WOMEN:  Heels or wedges highly encouraged. Fashionable sandals with a clasp around the ankle are OK. Dresses/Skirts/Shorts/Blouses/Jeans and fashion tops are great.   Fashion boots are OK during winter months. NO: Ballerina shoes, boots, flip-flops, sneakers, or excessively revealing clothing. 
MEN: Dress shoes are highly encouraged or boat shoes/canvas shoes with a brown/black sole. Dressy cowboy boots are OK.  Pants, or Jeans; not frayed, ripped or bagginess.  Collard dress shirts highly encouraged. T-shirts are OK: no large logos, or bagginess. Sports jackets are great.  NO: Shorts, Hats, Boots: Timberlands, Sneakers: Jordans, Nike, Pumas, Vans, sandals, or flip-flops.

Still not sure what to wear? Check out this simple reference guide on 4 Major Fashion Tips for a Night Out in Las Vegas

What is the dress code for Dayclub Pool Parties?

WOMEN: Bathing suits must be worn AND be wearing a cover-up (t-shirt/shorts/sundress) while walking through the Casinos. Heels/sandals/hats are OK. No large purses/backpacks. 

MEN: Swimwear must be worn. Sneakers/Sandals are OK. Hats and Ballcaps OK. NO: Athletic shorts, jerseys, wife beaters. No large backpacks.

DO NOT BRING: Over the counter medication, gum/mints, vape pens, towels, selfie sticks, eyedrops, liquids. Sunscreen OK.  Prescriptions medication must have the name on your ID match the prescription label with a doctor’s note. Security checkpoints in Vegas are worse than TSA! You’ve been warned!  

Bags should be no bigger than a small drawstring bag or purse. Anything too big must be checked in. Fees cost +$15 at each Dayclub and bag check options vary at each location.

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During the winter season can we bring coats on cold nights?

Coats may be brought to the tour, however, you may NOT leave it on the bus so you must take it with you after each ride. Some clubs may require you to pay a coat check fee.

What if we are running late or we lose our host the day/night of the tour?

If you are running late for your check-in time, you can call or text your host at (702) 843-0525 ext 5 

If you miss the meet-up time with your host for the party bus departure, you can call your host and meet up with her at the next club stop, provided you find your own transportation.

We cannot guarantee that you will not wait in line or pay a cover charge to enter the club if you miss the initial group escort with the hostess, but our hostess will do her best to have you rejoin the group.